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Date of Birth: February 2, 1945

Place of Birth: Elbasan, Albania

Education: Academy of Fine Arts-Tirana, Albania - Graduated in 1967

Academic experience: Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts-Tirana, Albania (1970-1998)


Early years during the Albanian Socialist Regime:

Çlirim Ceka is an Albanian painter, graphic artist, and illustrator known for his contributions to socialist realism. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts-Tirana and later became a professor at the same institution. As a member of the "National Union" of Albanian painters, he participated in numerous international exhibitions, showcasing his works in China, Egypt,Kosovo, Austria, France, Italy, and Greece. Ceka's artworks can be found in the National Gallery of Albania, as well as in private collections around the world.


He has received prestigious awards, including the ONUFRI 1994 National Award.


Post the socialist regime and migration to Greece:

Liberated from the constraints of the Socialist Regime that previously dictated the themes and style of his paintings, Ceka embraced abstract art and ventured beyond realism.

Ceka's artistic focus shifted towards abstract paintings, which allowed him to express himself freely and experiment with various techniques. His works during this period reflect a departure from naturalism and academic realism, instead embracing a more expressive and abstract artistic language. In 1998, Çlirim Ceka migrated to Thessaloniki, Greece, where he sought further artistic freedom and explored new artistic directions.





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