New York, London, Paris


(born in 1968)


recent collections (2010-2022)


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Cosmina is a French multi-warded recently who moved to New York

Cosmina defined her unique and personal style from the influences of the theories of the founders of abstraction (Vassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee). She adopted the techniques of dripping adopted by Jackson Pollock.

Cosmina minimizes to the extreme point and line shapes-colors that appear in what she calls a "controlled serendipitous painting."

Numerous layers and minute touches compose her paintings. Her colors are surprising and sumptuous.


Cosmina's art attempts to translate her reflexions on the origins, and the future of humanity. She does not title her works, but only her collections based on a philosophical or metaphysical meditation. Cosmina's paintings capture the spectator by their beauty, and induce introspection.


Cosmina's unprecedented style is considered as unclassifiable by experts who suggested a new movement "Atmospheric Abstraction." A bestseller, Cosmina's works are sought-after by collectors worldwide.

This last painting from the collection "The External Facets of the Inner Self" translates the duality between the Inner Self and the external facets that we create to socially survive.

Sumptuous colors appear in multiple layers. Millions of lines and points swirl and illustrate the very moment of transformation.

No, its not a galaxy. It is the complex journey of the Inner Self. Billions of lives emerge, transform, adapt,  and seek their destiny in our world, or elsewhere.

Untitled ref. US36 - oil on canvas - 40 x60 in (101.6 x 152.4 cm)

(Collection "The External Facets of the Inner Self")

The Firebird, oil on  canvas  - 97 x 162 cm (38.2 x 63.8 in.)


Inspired by the legend of the Firebird (Stravinsky's ballet)


This extraordinary  masterpiece must become the center piece of a beautiful home.


It is one of the most significant paintings by Cosmina, and will enrich any serious art collection (I considered as a museum piece)

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