A few anecdotes and a few happy surprises

Buying art is always a moment of happiness for the buyer and of course for the artist.

Over the years there were incredible and joyful moments of surprise. Fortunately we have always been lucky not to have unpleasant moments.

the first Abstract painting by Cosmina

Cosmina – Aquatic Yin Yang – 2008 – oil on canvas 89 x 116 cm

In the fall of 2012, on the occasion of a solo exhibition of Chhour Kaloon, in our gallery in Paris, an article was published in the Gazette Drouot and praised the creations of the artist to whom the journalist suggested a prestigious future. The phone did not stop ringing and then we were called by a collector from the south-west of France who  asked us if he could buy the painting displyed in  the published magazine article . I replied that this painting had been sold immediately at the opening of the exhibition. I offered to send photos by email, but he told me that he did not have internet and that he was a farmer. So, we sent him pictures printed on paper and he chose a painting that he decided to buy y and that was sent to him immediately.

Chhour Kaloon – utitlled ref RBA600 -oil on canvas – 120x 120 cm

A few months later,, during a second exhibition of Chhour, a man of a certain age but of an imposing stature  entered the gallery with his wife, He was  shouting ‘I want one right now” and bradishimg  a credit card, he joined  me at my office, he  asked me to take  money,” I want one right away”, I told him” I can’t, you have to tell me what painting you want” . He looked at the whole collection on display and watched a slideshow that was presented d in the gallery. He chose a painting that he bought immediately.

A few weeks later, another man showed up at the gallery, he was sent by a friendent  who wanted to offer him a painting by the same artist, so he chose a painting that he chose anf his frind f bought it.

Cosmina Abyssal Sparks, oil on canvas 48×72 in. (122 x 183 cm)

In 2008, Cosmina produced a spectacular painting that we titled “Abyssal Sparks”. At current Cosmina rate, painting was offered at about 8 to 10000€. A client of the gallery noticed it and asked us the price but did nor buy it. He successively returned to several other exhibitions and seeing that the painting was still there, he said to me but “how come you haven’t sold it yet?” ; I replied to him that the painting was waiting for its his owner.’ he repeated the same question During several explosions of Cosmina. Finally one day he came to the gallery and  said “I can’t take it anymore! I absolutely want to buy this painting;.“ what is the price?” and I answered  “25000 euros.” Indeed, the rates of Cosmina had a steep increase. So , he resigned himself and said “too bad for me! I should have bought it the first time.” And he decided to buy it in the end. So  one we must never turn  crushes into regrets.

One day of 2010, , a man came in quickly and walked around the gallery to examine all the paintings by Cosmina that were on display. He asked me if the artist was still alive, and I told him, “fortunately for her”, he asked me if she could make a dozen paintings especiallly  for him. I told her that she would, and that she would surely be happy to do so. Two weeks later, he came back and finally agreed with Cosmina and commissioned 15 paintings for a prestigious venue.He was a billionaire entrepreneur who wanted to install Cosmina’s paintings on a superyacht. This made it a floating museum for Cosmina.

in 2010, A commission for 15 paintings by Cosmina was such an unexpected and beneficial surprise at the time

In the summer of 2014, I was in the gallery in New York, and a man called me from Taiwan. He asked me, what were the whereabouts of 3 paintings by Cosmina that he had seen on a slideshow in the window of the gallery in Paris, I told him that they were in New York on exhibition and sent him some photos a few days later, he asked me for a quote and we negotiated a deal and he ordered 3 paintings on behalf of a member of the government and 2 directors of his company. He transferred the payment to the New York Gallery and all the paintings were shipped to him immediately within a week. I had never had the pleasure of meeting these people from Taiwan in person;  Hoowver, one day, they surprised me by visitingme in New York. They assured me that they had been very happy to have these 3 paintings and that they would consider buying more.

Such successes havere repeated since 2018 until now, even during the periods  of the COVID crisis, we were lucky enough to be able to sell artists’ works remotely ito clients located overseas in distant countries.

It often happens that we have relationships with collector customers located in very distant countries thousands of miles away from us without meeting them in person, but in any case, we have always managed to establish a relationship of trust, direct and personalized, which has resulted in important orders and odtem friendship,.

Often, I had the pleasure of having the unexpected and impromptu visit of a client who left his office of the multinational.  he ran to come, in his own words,) to get some fresh air in my gallery with me and exchange a few words about art. He’would bring his sandwich; he’d ask me if I didn’t mind if he ate it in the gallery during mealtime so he could chat with me and recharge his batteries a little bit. It was a great honor and pleasure to be able to share such moments with such people.

In France, in 2015, we suffered the consequences of the terrible terroirist attacks that took place in France and then the consequences and turmoils caused by the riots of the yellow vests which unfortunately disturbed the surroundings of the Parisian gallery. Then, we suffered the restrictions and confinement s due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this led us to change our business model turnig to using f the internet which allows us to presente our magnificent collections to art lovers and collectors located all over the world. Tthis strategy was effective and had a lot of successes. We have many experiences and references abroad with relationships with clients who are located in various countries. The list is quite long: North America, United States, Canada, Brazil, all Western European countries, South Africa, some Middle Eastern countries, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.

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