You don’t need to read their signatures to indentify their paintings

Continuing success – from 2006 to 2024 – Cosmina’s ascension steepens

In 1999, in London, I met Cosmina. I was looking for a multilingual assistant. The French consulate in London sent us Cosmina. Besides being fluent in French and English, she could speak, read and write in Japanese. I employed Cosmina as an assistant. Once, I overheard
a conversation she had with a colleague in the office. She told him that, in fact, she was an artist painter. I asked her why she had not said to me that and where I could see her work. She directed me to visit her mother in Paris, where I could see her paintings. I did and discovered incredible paintings. I was stunned by her
singular talent and fascinating colors. Back in London, I went to Cosmina and told her that I was firing her from her assistant position. She cried, saying that she needed to work for a living. I reassured her, “Paint! That is what I want you to do. Nothing else. We will take care of the rest.” Convinced by her extraordinary potential, I had decided to sponsor Cosmina. Back in France, Cosmina asked me to participate in various art exhibitions to try to sell her paintings so I could recoup my investment. I decided to guide her on a slow path to ensure a steady and logical progression.
In 2000 and 2021, she took part in small provincial renowned events, art fairs for Aquatic Yin Yang – 2006 oil on canvas – 81×116 cm (31.9×42.7 in.)
First abstract painting by tists in France. Then, she was awarded twice the first prize for best painting in the show in the city of La Rochelle.
In 2004, and 2005, I made her display her paintings at the famous “Salon des Artistes Independants’’ in Paris. Impressionist and neoimpressionist
artists created this fair in 1882. Most of the famous Modern art artists of the end of the 19th century and 20th century had their first exhibition there.
In 2006, the French culture minister decided to regroup all four historical art exhibitions at the famous Grand Palais in Paris. This new event was called “Art en Capital.” I became a major sponsor of this exhibition. I offered Cosmina a large booth to display her new abstract paintings. An important English collector
bought one of her largest paintings.
From 2010 to 2016, Cosmina’s paintings were exhibited permanently in one of the most reputable Paris contemporary art galleries. She
had twenty solo exhibitions, over one hundred group shows and became sought-after by the savviest collectors. Her paintings were exported to
all parts of the world (literally the five continents,including the USA).
In 2010, one of the richest European billionaires discovered Cosmina’s art and eventually commissioned her 15 paintings. From 2014 to2017, Cosmina’s paintings were also permanently on display in a gallery acclaimed as one of the 30 best in New York City. She had 4 solo exhibitions, and many group shows and became the very bestselling artist.
Cosmina’s unique personal style caught the attention of collectors, art professionals, critics, and art experts who had difficulties classifying Cosmina’s art style in existing art movements, hence suggesting the creation of a new one.
Numerous journalists wrote about her unclassifiable style published in important art magazines. In 2014, she was noticed by one of the most eminent French television art journalists Olivier de Rincquesen who praised her works and justified her notoriety. This was broadcasted on national French Television.
Cosmina explains that her artistic style may have been influenced by the works and writing of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. She also refers
to the dripping techniques of Jackson Pollock and says that she works like the Amerindians on the floor, turning around the canvas.
Cosmina mainly uses oil on canvas. She makes her own colors from natural pigments. That explains the vibrancy of her stunning colors.
Important collectors have often commissioned Cosmina. She is currently completing an important commission for one of her fan collectors. She is currently preparing a new collection that will be unveiled at future art events in Europe.
Besides painting, Cosmina developed a new series of works on paper that have been assembled in a collection called “The Secret Garden Of The Mind.” 43 original artworks were created. Very highly collectible because of their uniqueness, a great part of the collection has been sold out. From time to time, for the pleasure of demanding collectors, Cosmina likes to add new originals to this collection.
Cosmina is very active in the New York art scene. During the Coronavirus pandemic, she stimulated many artists and compiled their inteviews in the “artists in confinement”. Later she published another compilation gathering the ideas and feelings of 40 artists about art and spirituality.
Cosmina is also a scholar and an impressive “art encyclopedia,” especially Modern and Contemporary Art. She wrote and published two detailed essays about Paul Klee (Paul Klee’s Legacy and Paul Klee – Art and Teachings).
Another noticeable essay is her study of the appearance of abstraction in modern art (“Toward
Abstraction – The Path to Abstraction in Modern art.

Aquatic Yin Yang – 2006
oil on canvas – 81×116 cm (31.9×42.7 in.)
First abstract painting by Cosmina
Private collection

Paris Grand Palais and Grand Palais Ephemere

Le Grand Palais Ephémère. Champs de mars, Paris. 14/06/2021 Wilmotte & associés architectes @Patrick Tourneboeuf/RMN_GP / Tendance Floue

BFM National TV report – Olivier de Rincquesen
praises Cosmina’s art

BFM National TV report – during Cosmina.s solo exhibition,
Olivier de Rincquesen interviews Max Laniado
about Cosmina’s art.

We have just published a retrospective monograph featuring most of Cosmina’s remarkable
paintings since 2006. Over 70% of her paintings have been sold and appear in numerous
prestigious collections worldwide.
With over 135 paintings sold, the track record is impressive.
Since 2006, Cosmina’s paintings’ values have increased by around 2,000%
Cosmina’s art is a valuable addition to collectors’ assets.
Her economic track record and recognition confirm that investing in emerging artists has proven
to yield higher values.
Some performance figures (commissions not included)
2006-2022 WORLDWIDE : 122 pieces sold – total sales for 16 years: US$ 2,142,222.70 –
average sales per year: US$ 133,888
2017-2022 in USA: 19 pieces sold – total sales for 3.5 years : US$ 549,000 – average sales per
year US$ 156,857
Cosmina’s track record demonstrates that investing in talented emerging artists can bring
higher returns, although it requires a smaller initial capital. Cosmina’s art value rose by 40%
since 2018, despite the Covid pandemic and by a staggering 2,000% since her first exhibition

higher returns, although it requires a smaller initial capital. Cosmina’s art value rose by 40% since 2018, despite the Covid pandemic and by a staggering 2,000% since her first exhibition.

Chhour – From 2009 to 2022 – How a ringing endorsement boosts a career

Chhour was discovered in 2009 by max laniado. Since, over 100 paintings by Chhour were sold. From 2009 to 2016, his rates soared by nearly 800 %.

Since, over 100 paintings by Chhour were sold. From 2009 to 2016, his rates soared by nearly 800 %.

He is a revelation in poetic abstraction. His style expresses the syncretism of western and Chinese cultures

Chhour was acclaimed by the press, and especially by the chief editor of the leading francophone art market magazine “Gazette Drouot” (the Bible for art collectors) who wrote:

“Remember his name for this artist could very well be the future Chu Teh-Chun or the Zao Wou-Ki (*) of tomorrow. After having studied at Hong Kong Art Academy, Kaloon Chhour followed art courses in Paris where he discovered and became fascinated by Impressionist masters. By combining his fascination for Monet, Turner, and his Chinese origins, Chhour brings originality and a beauty which propel him to the restricted group of the Chinese painters who have revealed themselves in contact with the Western culture….” (Gazette Drouot – M.C.Aubert)

In parallel to painting,Chhour has started to take an interest in ceramics, watercolors and potery.

He he’s maturing ideas and projects for maybe extending his career in China

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