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The design of this website, all the images, and all the texts are copyrighted.
All the images and photographs of artworks are copyrighted. Reproduction and diffusion, by any means, are strictly forbidden.
Photographs can be downloaded for personal use and cannot be published or reproduced totally or partially, in any way, on any medium, without permission -Fine Arts Elite Intrnational or of the artists.
International Copyright Laws protect the Artists Copyright in their original artworks.

This website presents a selection of artworks from our storerooms and from the artists’ collections. Many other works may be available and may appear on this website that is regularly updated.
All the artworks presented are for sale except those marked with a red dot or with the mention ‘Private Collection.’
If an artwork is not available for sale, we may, upon your request, provide you with photographs of similar items.
Fine Arts Elite Intrnational reserves its sole right to add artworks to, or remove artworks from the website and to change the contents. This without prior notice.
We have endeavored our best to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information about the artists we represent and their artworks. However, some errors and/or omissions may occur. Fine Arts Elite Intrnational does not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly result from any advice, opinion, information, representation, error, or omission contained on this website.

The photographs of artworks shown on this website have been taken with professional equipment to ensure maximum fidelity of reproduction.
We have verified the reproduction of colors with well-calibrated computer screens.
However, we cannot accept any liability if shades and colors slightly differ from the original artworks.

All our transactions remain confidential at all times.
All information collected on this website is strictly confidential. They are only used for the purpose of processing the sales, organizing deliveries, and upon your agreement, subscribing to our mailing list.
We never communicate any of the information collected to any third party.
Our on-line store is connected to one of the most reliable e-commerce organizations, operating on secured servers.

When you purchase an item, if you confirm by email your order, we will reserve the item for you until the full payment is received.
As soon as we receive your full payment, we will prepare the artwork for shipping,
Depending on the size of the item and your location, the delivery can take from 5 to 12 business days.
All our shipments are fully insured for the total value of the sale.

These policies only apply
to distance sales, mail orders and on-line store sales
(Please, read the special notice at the end of this document)

From the time you have received your original artwork, you have seven (7) days to decide whether you want to keep the artwork or return it in its original condition.
We require that the original artwork be shipped back to the sender by the buyer within three (3) days after your notification of your intent to return it.

Items sold with an installment program of more than three months cannot be refunded. If returned with seven days, a store credit will be issued according to the terms of exchanges and store credit policy set below.
3) You must return the item in perfect condition and properly repacked in its original packaging. You must insure the item with the carrier mandated for the return.
All shipments made to our customers. are insured. We are not responsible for any Acts of God or any mishandling of the carriers (Post Office, UPS, DHL, or FedEx) or any accident affecting the shipment during its transit to you, nor during its return to the sender. So, you must insure the returned item for its full value.)
If you do not notify us of your intent to return the work within 7 days of receipt or you do not ship the work within 3 days of notifying us, you will NOT be eligible for a refund or exchange. (Some exceptions may apply.) Please contact us for an assessment of your specific situation.)
Return items will only be accepted if they are returned undamaged and in their original condition, in their original packaging, and if returned with the notifications and time frame explained above.
As soon as the returned item reaches the sender safely, in its original condition, we will process your return and issue a store credit valid for another purchase of artwork by the same artist from the artist’s collections (total purchase minus the shipping fees, minus any customs fees that might apply, and minus a restocking fee of 15% that will apply.
All transactions are processed in US$.
The store credit will be issued within 7-10 business days from the date the returned item is redelivered to us.


Artworks may remain in storage in facilities run by Max Laniado Fine Arts and associates. This may happen when the client buyer requires that the items he purchased be kept in storage by Max Laniado fine arts and associates.  It may be  also the consequence o a delivery postponement required by the buyer.  In these cases, the buyer will  have to compensate Max Laniado Fine Arts and associates for all costs and exp expenses related to that storage, The client must pay all expenses and  provisions upon request by Max Laniado Fine Arts and associates.  Thea amount du will be invoiced to the client by Max Laniado fine Arts .the client mut pay and  indemnify Max Laniado fine Arts immediately upon request. Compensation for shipping costs is pro rata and determined solely by Max Laniado Fine Arts. Storage fees are solely determined to cover realistic costs as a monthly fee of US$ 250 for storage in a secured  facility. Ot monthly US$150 per artwork when stored or kept in gallery. If payment theare overdue by more than two  months  thee artworks will be considered as abandoned and subject to confiscation as a forfeit. Max Laniado Fine Arta will have the right to recover all the past due  payments

Deposits and/or part payments are nonrefundable in the case of cancellation by the client.
Sales of Items on installment program exceeding three months are final.
Deposits and/or part payments are nonrefundable in the case of cancellation by the client.

Exceptionally, we can agree on an interest-free program of payment by installments. In this case, the customer agrees to make part payments at defined intervals until the total amount is paid in full. When the total amount owed is paid, the item can be delivered to the customer.
Special commission’s requested themes are expected to be a vision or interpretation by the artist in their usual style. Changes cannot be requested during the creative process:, a surcharge of twenty percent of the initial agreed price will be applied for each accepted change request:f an installment payment is still unpaid after the due date, the total balance of the sale will be deemed due immediately. If the client fails to pay the remaining balance owed, the sales contract will be considered broken by the client. Non-refundable installments will be regarded as lump-sum compensation for the damage caused to the seller and the artist, as the artwork could not be offered to other potential customers. Therefore, the relevant item may be put back into the sales catalog.Commissions are special agreements between the client, the seller, and the artist. Credit notes and credit stores cannot be used for the partial payment of special commissions.
In general, installments, partial payments, and deposits are not refundable, not interchangeable, and cannot be converted to store credits.
If an installment or partial payment is unpaid at the due date, the commission order will be considered canceled by the client. If a special commission order is canceled by the client before completion, installments and partial payments already made will be retained as compensation for the damage caused to the seller and the Artist. In that case, the total compensation due by the client to the seller and to the artist is at least 50% (fifty percent) of the total amount due for the commission.


All our shipments are fully insured for their total value.
We use the best professional fine art packaging.

If the packaging appears seriously damaged upon delivery:

  • Take photos and report the damage with reserves before signing the receipt.
    If the artwork is also damaged:
  • take photos when unpacking it and photos of the damaged artwork.
  • keep the original packaging.
    Call us within three working days : +1 201 314252 (Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm US Eastern Time.)
    Email your photos Fine Arts Elite Intrnational: contact@laniado-finearts.com
    We will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Telephone +1 201 301 4252 (Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm US Eastern Time.) please leave voicemail.
Email: contact@fiinearts-elite.com

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