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Max Laniado is a prominent figure in the art world. With 27 years of experience in the industry, he has encountered countless art enthusiasts and collaborated with numerous artists. Max Laniado is not just a gallery owner who sells art; his passion for art has driven him to create a platform that brings fine contemporary art to homes worldwide.
Max Laniado is an art dealer who has made significant contributions to the contemporary art scene. Max Laniado Fine Arts represents a curated selection of emerging and established artists, showcasing their innovative creativity and unique talents.
Max Laniado is not just a gallery owner who sells art; he is deeply passionate about promoting and representing artists.

Max Laniado, a name that echoes through the vibrant corridors of the art world, is not merely a dealer of canvases and sculptures. No, he is more akin to a curator of dreams, a weaver of narratives spun from pigments and passion.
Picture him: a man with eyes that hold galaxies, each star a reflection of an artist’s soul. His fingers, calloused from countless hours spent in dimly lit galleries, trace the contours of creativity.
Max Laniado is not a mere merchant; he is an alchemist, transforming raw talent into masterpieces that dance on the precipice of eternity.

A word by Max Laniado

Art is essential to enable humanity to build a better world. Through aesthetics it praises the good and fights evil and enriches the development and the sharing of our cultures

My name is Max Laniado. Art has always been my passion, and I’ve been fortunate to work in an environment filled with beauty.

I have 27 years of experience in the art industry and have met thousands of art enthusiasts as well as hundreds of artists.

I’m not just a gallery owner who sells art. I’m an art enthusiast who supports original thoughts, defends artists, and conveys their emotions to collectors. In fact, before being an art dealer, I was an artist and talent promoter.

I have organized and curated hundreds of art shows, sponsored countless art events, and supported numerous artists.

Before to the Covid-19 panemic, I owned two galleries in Paris (France) and New York where collectors, art specialists, and artists would gather to share their passion for art.

I’ve decided to take my expertise in the service of all arts and my enthusiasm for art to a new level.

I have adapted my business strategy to the inevitable evolution of the Internet. My online showcases that are visible 365/7/24 worldwide extend my reach and that of the artists I represent to collectors and art lovers located oversea at the other end of the world.

My concept is designed to abolish the imposed distancing and enable the possibility of a dialogue with art enthusiasts. I endeavor to bring anyone closer to share their common art perspectives.

I picture a bigger community where all art lovers, experts, creators, and emerging or budding artists may mingle, and exchange views their views.

For that purpose, I have just launched the Consortium Max Laniado, an online platform bringing together all art lovers. The artists I promote are pleased to have an online solo show attended and admired by over 10,000 visitors. Nonetheless, they need new opportunities for in-person exhibitions, where they can interact with their admirers.

In this “agora” (meeting place), I want to develop a blog where everyone can express their passion and exchange pertinent information.

I also wish to host online events using webinars. I will ask artists to provide a virtual tour of their studios and tutorial films. Some professionals will provide service and contributions.

Finally, because I don’t want to limit the scope of our interest to visual arts, I plan to invite other artists, musicians, poets, and actors to perform. Visual arts, music, and poetry are inextricably linked.

Furthermore, following very high demands, we would like to create an NFT platform where artists can sell their creations.

I want to provide advanced educational support to young talents and children and an environment in which they can joyfully reveal their abilities.

We are looking for donators and sponsors who share my enthusiasm for art and will help me reach my endeavors to assist artists and art lovers and, through art, contribute to building a better world.

Your donation will impact the young talents’ and living artists’ lives and create a community where all arts will thrive.

I care for thousands of hundreds of artists who struggle to make a living by expressing their art.

The consortium must be a place where humanists and art lovers meet.

We want everybody to share and communicate their passion for art with children, especially the disabled and underprivileged people.

We endeavor to give them a springboard to be credited and recognized.

I want my actions to make everyone aware of using arts for that purpose.

I hope that with the help of generous donors, I will get access to compatible premises where we can make this happen in reality.

With your donation and support, you will be associated with this formidable philanthropic and humanist achievement.

Let’s put together our efforts to make the world a better place to live.

I thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

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