My preferred selection of remarkable poetic artworks by Ricon Ibdar

Reaching for the Rainbow in the Evening
Oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm

Rainbows are beautiful colors that circle on the horizon, these colors exist because of the refraction of sunlight hitting dew and raindrops. It is very beautiful to look at, even though it is already dusk but the beauty of the rainbow will not fade, even though at dusk the beauty of the rainbow remains to be achieved, the rainbow is a symbol of hopes and dreams and in my opinion hopes and dreams are like the beauty of a rainbow. So don’t stop reaching for it even though it’s already dusk.

Oil on canvas 79 x 100 cm

The expression of the question that tickles my mind, the big table is a symbol of the power of wisdom for those who sit behind it. Even though they actually sit behind the big table, they have duties and responsibilities according to where the chair and the maja they are sitting on, I think those sitting at the big desk chair don’t just look at the stacked papers in front, they don’t just do the math. The gain he got, there was something more important than that, namely thinking about what was needed out there, sitting in a soft chair is indeed nice and comfortable but not for sleeping in that soft and comfortable chair.

Oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm

Serenada is a picture of how my motivation to achieve something knows no boundaries of space and time, I think that even at dusk there is still a bright light shining on this life. I think the twilight are beautiful and dim colors. I think twilight is not the end of everything, even though dusk and night will come there is still time to finish achieving hopes and dreams. Old age does not mean to stop working, stop having dreams, stop having hopes, stop having desires. Precisely at dusk the beauty radiates, precisely at dusk the sky is golden, precisely at dusk the wind blows coolly, precisely at dusk the waves sound so melodious.

Blue tile (Katan Biru)
Oil on canvas 150 x 20 cm

His words are to make each other happy, to love and to love one another. It doesn’t need to be said, in good things it will just flow, the touches that occur are so cool, here words don’t apply because each other always wants to give a sense of calm and peace love doesn’t always have to be said, if the feeling has been established, the promise will be a decoration on the throne of love, everything will just flow to its place like water flows from a river to a blue ocean.

Symphony of Destiny
Oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm

When silence is thrown from the journey and far from the reach of my destiny grows in a fertile question mark with those who walk towards the horizon which I must remain. when my soul doesn’t want to be buried, when my steps go past the pseudo-wheel finally not a single word is spoken in the silent lips of the night that breaks through the roaring dark sheet that roars I look at all of it and myself ask you with a silent heart no one answered.

I see humans scattered on this earth since the creation of the first humans until now, it is certain that God has provided them with a life line and destiny. Destiny is a decree from God to humans in living their lives in the world. And every human destiny is not the same as one another. It is because of the differences in human destiny that life is formed in all its complexity and it is clear that there is always a benefit to this life. So the difference in destiny will be beautiful if they are in the same goal. Is it the same goal? is how life is mutually useful to each other. I hope this painting can be a motivation for all of us to achieve life goals as we want together. Hopefully.

The Moon Bekind the Hill
Oil on canvas 79x 100 cm

Dim night There’s a breeze

A man that night befriended the moon, speaking in his heart to the moon He said while looking up at the sky

In life we experience a lot of romance

Sometimes what happens to love we don’t expect

But sometimes we can’t avoid it either

There is an unspeakable feeling

And that can only be said by looking at the moon

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