Just in painting by Ranjith Raghupathy

The Girl Who Sells Lemons 2024 – Acrylic on canvas 42- 30 in (107 x 76 cm)

Although I have always harbored a desire to meditate beneath the venerable wisdom of the artistic tree, I have never shied away from embracing the life of an ordinary individual. I find joy in traversing the city via public transport, perusing the vibrant market stalls for fresh vegetables or the catch of the day, indulging in the delectable offerings of street food vendors, and, above all, relishing the freedom of wandering like a vagabond. For me, these experiences serve as the raw material for my creativity, each encounter with fellow citizens adding depth to my artistic vision.

One such encounter led to the creation of “The Girl Who Sells Lemons.” While wandering through the bustling vegetable market, my attention was captivated by a young woman selling nothing but lemons. Despite her quiet demeanor and the simplicity of her trade, her presence left an indelible impression upon me. Inspired, I meticulously sketched several depictions of her, each attempt striving to capture the essence of her being. Ultimately, one sketch resonated with me, and I translated it onto canvas, immortalizing her likeness in paint.

Ranjith Raghupathy – February 2024

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