The Firebird by Cosmina- Inspired by a Russian Legend

*        The tale of the Firebird – Stravinsky ballet

“Ivan Tsarevich sees one day a wonderful bird, full of gold and flames; he pursued it without being able to seize it and only managed to snatch one of his twinkling feathers. His pursuit took him to the estates of Kashchei the Immortal, the fearsome demigod who wants to seize him and turn him into stone, as he already did with many noble knights. But the daughters of Kashchei and the thirteen princesses, his captives, intercede and strive to save Ivan Tsarevich. The Firebird occurs, dispelling enchantments. The Firebird then guides Prince Ivan to a tree stump to destroy an egg where Koschei hid his soul, which breaks the evil sorcerer’s spells, and the princesses awaken and are freed.

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